Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yet Another Reason to Listen to Peter Gammons

Apparently, the smartest man in the universe, Peter Gammons, has been drinking from the Joe Mauer Kool-Aid that we serve here at "Off the Baggie". Well, drink deep dear Peter, drink deep.

In the preview of an article written for the ESPN Insider, Gammons extols the virtue of young Joseph:

"Remember how the Twins were ridiculed in 2001 for taking Joe Mauer with the first pick instead of Mark Prior? Five years later, try to see if the Twins will make that trade, as despite a knee injury and the eventual possibility of a move to third base, Mauer is a rising star, while Prior has suffered from the modern pitcher's real world of inexplicable injuries. And since making his Cubs debut on May 22, 2002, Prior is 60th in the majors in wins with 41."

While we would post the rest of the article here for your Mauer related reading pleasure, "Off the Baggie" has yet to secure any form of corporate sponsorship, so at this point, we're to cheap to pay for the Insider subscription. However, one can only assume that remaining Mauer related portions of the article is written in in a fashion similar the hushed, reverent tones often reserved for the veneration of Saints at the Vatican.

Let there be no confusion, Joe Mauer is the Baseball Jesus, while Mark Prior is obviously the unresurrected corpse of Lazarus. Hey, Peter Gammons said so, so that makes it true...

Anyway, here's the article, for those of you who happen to have $3.99 a month just laying around...


At 9:50 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

Joe Mauer is the man!!!

At 8:38 PM, Blogger shugs said...

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