Friday, June 02, 2006

KAZAAM II: Return of The White Chocolate

While we here at "Off The Baggie" can hardly be categorized as basketball fans, nothing causes us to jump on a bandwagon faster than a potential Flip Saunders playoff debacle. Lest we forget that in the Flipsters 10 seasons as the skipper of our somewhat beloved T-Wolves, he only made it out of the first round of the playoffs once. This while having Kevin Garnett, Latrell Spewell, and Sam Cassell on the floor. I could have coached that team to a playoff win, and I honestly have no idea what a zone defense is.

But we digress...

In turning on the TV here in Casa De Baggie, I was greeted by the curious sight of a small, tatooed white man in black leggings proceeding to cut apart the Pistons. Yes people, let the celebrations commence, White Chocolate has returned. And then, as though it were manna from the heavens, the always articulate one proceeded to give a halftime interview with a towel on his head. He has to know he's white, doesn't he? Honestly, could he be that dumb? Oh, he could... Our bad... Much props our honkey homie...


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